We are Kate and Tim, the unconventional duo behind Voluzzo.
We first met in Italy, in a Starbucks in Milan. From our first meeting, we hit it off, realizing and realized that we had a lot in common. Our first and most significant commonality was about jewelry, as we are both collectors of exclusive pieces. 

However, we come from two different worlds-- the fashion industry for Tim and the architecture for me. And this is what made our collaboration so amazing, since the mix between minimalism and jewelry trends enables us to create unique and stylish pieces.
Hey, Kate here! As an old architect, I am the one who is in charge of designing and prototyping the jewels. My creative skills and ability to transpose abstract ideas into concrete spatial ideas enable us to provide pictures or models that we develop.

Hey, I am Tim! I am the one who handles supplier management. Indeed, thanks to my experience in the fashion industry, I have succeeded in finding plenty of manufacturers and vendors worldwide.